Jane Ryan

veski fellow

Dr Jane Ryan served as a veski board member from 2013 -2018. In March 2017 she was appointed to deputy chair of the veski board of directors.

Dr Jane Ryan has many years of international experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries where she has managed research and development programs and held key roles in business development and alliance management.

Overseas, Dr Ryan has worked at Roche and Columbia University in the US and with Peptech and Cambridge Antibody Technology in the UK. Upon returning to Australia, she worked with Peptech before joining Biota Holdings Ltd with senior roles in research and development, commercialisation, business development and alliance management.

While at Biota she held numerous roles; most recently as Vice President, Product Development & Strategic Marketing, Jane oversaw the development of products for the treatment and prevention of rhinovirus-induced asthma exacerbations, influenza infection, bronchiolitis, Alzheimer’s disease, oncology and diabetes.

Throughout her career, she has led many successful fundraising campaigns including the awarding of a US Government contract for $230m to develop a treatment for influenza.

Jane was appointed to the veski board in 2013. She is also a member of the boards of Diabetes Australia - Victoria and BioSA and was formerly a board member of the Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre.